What is a Journey Meditation?

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Journeying is one of my greatest tools for going deep into the underlying wisdom that can be accessed through the subconscious, the superconscious.

This can be through guided meditation, this can be through journeying with the sound of the drum, one of my favorites. You can really just go in with an intention and seek guidance and information and being able to access the hidden layers that are  buried deeper into the subconscious.

So when we can go into that dive of connecting to a communication and a language that is similar to almost like dreaming. We access our subconscious through dreams, and sometimes we remember them and sometimes we don’t and sometimes they have these hidden symbolic meanings. That undertone is very similar to a journey, although it’s like a waking dream to travel into your subconscious mind so you can access your own wisdom.

When you take time to reflect on what that is, it can give you really great insight, meaning and even direction. Some of my greatest life’s decisions have been made because  I connected to that inner voice and wisdom through journeying. Practicing and developing this over time is  so freeing and liberating in a lot of ways because it’s a tool that can be honed in practice, just like a muscle that you’re building a muscle through exercise and repetition. At first it almost feels like exploration and play and fun and imagination, like you’re just making the whole thing up. But when you really start to integrate it as a wisdom tool, and practice over and over again, you connect to your intuitive capabilities, which everyone has at varying degrees of awareness.

Practical ways you can utilize journeying:
Seeking answers to your most pressing questions.
Discovering Life Purpose and possible next steps.
Decoding signs and messages from the animal and spirit world. 
Deeper understanding of Dreams
Self healing and for others.
Meeting spiritual guides and allies.
Just to name a few… There really is endless topics and areas to seek insight around. The sky isnt even the limit. 

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