Reawakening the Wild Woman By Helping her Re~engage with Nature, Purpose, and her higher self.

Reclaim your Wildness & Inner Goddess Warrior!

Individual Energy Sessions & Mentoring

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Life Coaching & Mindset

It's time to bring your dreams to life. Own your gifts and share it with the world. It's time to get clear and create the life you know you were meant to live!

You are meant to SOAR!!!

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Healing Old Wounds and Stories:


Release Negative Programs, Limiting Beliefs & what is holding you in Stagnation.

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Soulful Business

Pathway to Sacred Success!

Allow the Magic of your Soul's Vision & Purpose deepen your ability to create a Business you Love, Lead with Heart and Strategy.

The Invitation to Align with your Soul~Self

Way Showers, Healers, Goddesses, Warriors, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, join me on this transformational journey that will guide you to your Higher Purpose and Alignment with your Hearts Desires. We will tap into your inherent nature and bridge your spiritual relationship with the natural world and your soul aligned purpose..

You're Invited,

to come into your Aligned Self, your Higher Self.  Maybe, you have been diving deep into the discovery of who you are, why you are here? Perhaps you feel you are meant to be doing something powerful with the wisdom inside of you?


I know life is filled with many lessons. Some of these lessons may be challenging, and perhaps have rocked us to the core.


We have those times in our lives when we are trying to shed the layers of the old self, maybe the stories that you need to let go of. When we choose to RISE, we choose to release our negative programs and beliefs that we perceive to be holding us back. Sometimes we feel so restricted, that it seems we are not making progress to move forward.


It's Time for this to TRANSFORM! To EMBODY our Wisdom, Talents, our Legacy.


You are the Fire Keeper standing at the fire’s edge. It is your heart that burns like the deepest embers. You know you have a spark. A deeper yearning. A call that keeps beckoning your attention.  Deep down, you know this call is the gift and personal medicine you need to share with the world. Even through all the noise, it may sound like a whisper. Lean into it, Pure Heart. And Listen. It’s a flame ready to ignite!


We both know that “staying in the same old” is no longer an option as your soul continues to evolve and is reaching out for more growth. Maybe it’s time to push away the distractions & to tend to your own fire.


I am here to guide you into reclaiming the wild essence that yearns to be heard. To reveal your unique message, a gift waiting to be unlocked so you can move more fully with clarity, focus, and power. You will discover your personal medicine and wisdom, that ONLY you hold in it’s beautiful expression.


I am here to show you a path to your true nature. The reflection of the wildness within. The wildness of your core, the essence of nature itself, the ability to tap into your awareness, and recognize your truth.




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Explore Nature

At our very essence, we ARE nature. What if we could explore this profound connection that weaves through the fabric of our being? When we learn how to listen and speak it's language, the most inspiring insights await us. We gain a glimpse of something wild, something deep. As nature reveals what our soul is yearning to hear.

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Your Heart + Soul is Calling

  • A life that is purpose driven with the clarity and focus to truly recognize it.
  • To heighten your Spiritual & Intuitive Gifts
  • The ability to recognize when you are fully on the right path, through deep knowing and trusting in the Universe.
  • A deep connection with the natural world because you feel the Earth’s call for purposeful action and protection.
  • A life of freedom to do the work you are meant to do in this world.
  • The feeling of abundance, that sustains your life and inspires more growth.
  • The ability to start new, and invite your heart’s desires into fruition.
The Challenge is:
We find ourselves stuck in the same patterns and rut day to day, that we find it difficult to change or step out of the cycle. You know it’s time to focus on something more meaningful and in alignment with your purpose.
Maybe you:
  • Feel stuck and find it difficult to move forward?
  • Feel like you want more out of life, but need the clarity to know what path to take?
  • Are disconnected to your authentic self, or your spiritual nature?
  • Feel like you have some old wounds that need to be healed in order to truly align yourself to move forward.
  • Desire the feeling of freedom because the same old story keeps repeating itself?
  • Would you like to clean the slate, begin new with a higher fresh perspective on life, love, and vision?
  • You don't feel confident enough to embrace yourself as the Healer, Visionary, Authority in your field.
  • Doubt that you can be the Creator of your life and live purposefully.

Let’s Envision & Empower each other together, and Live the Life you Love!!

I See You

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The Light inside of you burns so brightly.  I have witnessed it time and time again. The Rise of Authentic Self. I know you feel that spirit inside of you. It’s been there all along. The deep transformation comes in the discovery & awakening that is shaped, embodied, skilled & trained.


You see… My story has been a journey & I have a map and compass. It’s time to take a deep breathe because your journey does not have to be alone. We can walk through the mystery of the unknown together, equipped with tools meant for a Goddess Warrior.


13 years ago, I knew I was at a pivotal time in my life where I yearned for something more meaningful. I knew I had a purpose. But, I didn’t know myself, and what I was capable of. I was at a time where I knew it was now or never to discover who I was. I felt like I wanted to just leap out of my skin if I didn't figure out this piece in my life. I could feel it to my core. I wanted to make some kind of impact in my life personally, & professionally. I knew I didn’t want to compromise my happiness or freedom living a mediocre life. I knew the only way I could get to the core of this was to go inward, to find my truth.


I decided to give up all of my belongings and set forth on a commitment to my spiritual path. I went to the Wilds. I sought out the purity of nature. I witnessed beauty, connection and miracles. I was living out of a tent, or my car,  traveling all over the United States, and was training with a Wilderness Survival School saturated in Native Philosophy, Healing, & the Power of Ceremony.


This training was deeply focused on creating a deepened relationship with the Earth. I came to realize this connection is what was truly sustaining and self realizing. It served a mirror in the greatest sense, as it reflected back my truth, what I was willing to look at and what I was faced to confront about myself.


I have to say, this was truly some epic JEDI Training!


This expanded my intuitive nature, and completely shifted my perspective on life.





So, I Will Bring the Wilds to You.

With over 15 years experience as an intuitive healer and massage therapist, I know how to read the body, and (with permission of course) sense where people are emotionally, and energetically blocked.


At a young age, I had a near death experience almost drowning in my neighbor’s pool. I knew there was much more to the unseen eye. This event influenced my spiritual nature as a seeker of truth, as I knew I had a foothold in two worlds.


I always had a connection to nature, to spirit, to animals and guides. I knew the power of the heart and mind were immense. I knew thought and feeling were keys to manifesting and attracting the circumstances of life around me. I began studying and living the philosophies of Law Of Attraction. I realized just as much as we are nature itself, our nature is also our alignment.


So, as we begin to fast forward, I used all of the Life Experiences and began to hone in my vision and how I was to serve the Earth and my community. I began integrating myself back into “the real world” and set forth on a path of building my Business, to bring my Vision into form.


I was completely broke, but I knew deep down in my heart I could make this real. It was the visionary insight I received when developing my relationship with nature.  And I can show you how to do this.


Today, I have built a successful practice as a healer and mentor. I am doing what I love, helping men and women reclaim their wildness and relationship to nature, and their gifts that they will help share with the world. Because, let's face it THE EARTH NEEDS US RIGHT NOW.



The Benefits + Blessings

In this Program You will:

  • Learn how to create more freedom by connecting to yourself, Your Passion, and Life
  • Break Old Negative Patterns and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.
  • Gain tools to move forward with Strength and Confidence
  • Align yourself to your Higher Vision, and your Expansive Self
  • Develop a Deep Relationship with Nature and Discover the Magic that lies within you, and Sustains you.
  • Learn tools to enhance your Spiritual connection to Your Spiritual Guides, and Awareness of Self.
  • Empower your process of Manifesting & Creating the life you love
Let’s Envision & Empower each other together, and LIVE THE LIFE YOU LOVE!!

The Program

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Module 1:

Dream a World into Being.

In this module, we will awaken your intentions and hold them in a sacred space. This is in preparation for this spiritual quest. For the next 7 weeks, we are walking in ceremony and holding the sparks to ignite vision into passion and purpose.

~We will define the powerful elements of Vision Quest, and how to integrate this into our daily lives.

~The role of the Goddess Warrior will be explored as we hold the duality of the Divine Feminine and Masculine within ourselves. And, how this can be used to balance everyday life.

~You will be shown core routines to connect to Nature, creating a sustaining relationship that will fuel your connection to spirit.

~You will be introduced to shamanic drum journeying as a vehicle to access your spiritual guides, inner wisdom, and tools to navigate through all areas of life.

*These techniques along with nature connection will be woven throughout the program as an invaluable tool towards self discovery. It's time to REWILD! You will have the ability to gain access to your own inner guidance for the rest of your life.

Module 2:

Shedding the Old & Embracing New Beginnings

In this module, we will explore what beliefs and limitations need to be let go of so you can authentically embody the wisdom and essence of being fully present to bring forth your empowered self.

~We will explore the power of aligning intentions and the foundation of healthy emotions and focus.

~You will learn journeying techniques to heal and let go of obstacles, limitations, or negative beliefs.

~Use nature as support for healing and embracing life’s magic and mysteries.

Module 3:

Building the Foundation & Anchoring Your Strength.

In this module, we will be focusing on grounding your energies into action.
~We will dive deep into what will bring you the most transformation and create an action plan to manifest your goals into fruition.

~We will explore how to expand your senses, awareness and intuition to better equip you to follow your path of heart and vision. AKA: Jedi Training

~You will learn tools to gain more trust in yourself and the universe.

Module 4:

Embody the Vision

In this module, the worlds of mind, body, spirit, and nature come together. You will recognize yourself and connection to all things.

~You will learn how to hold space for your sacred vision and empower it.

~You will learn the Art behind reading signs and synchronicites that guide you along your path, and how to gain clarity from its subtle hidden messages.

~You will define your new story and what you wish to fully bring forth into the world.

~You will discover your hidden power behind healthy emotions and mindset

Module 5:

Finding True North

In this module, we will deepen the heart connection behind your own inherent wisdom so you can be more confident in sharing your message and honing in your leadership abilities. You will step into the role as a Way Shower and how you feel guided to share your vision and purpose.

~We will discuss the hidden power behind authentic alignment.

~The integrity behind leadership as a Goddess Warrior.

~Release Fear and Doubt around your ability to create action and truly show up in the world.

~Learn the Art of Wandering as an inner Intuitive Navigational System.

~Align your compass with Law of Attraction/Mindset techniques & fully embody trust.

Module 6:


In this module, we will explore how Your Vision merges with the Earth’s Vision. (This is about co~creation and serving a higher purpose)

~How do we ask what is needed to create positive change. To hear the whispers and cries of what is needed for humanity, the animals, our resources and the planet.

~How can we create positive shifts in our personal and professional lives.

~Create Sacred Relationship with the land for personal, planetary, and healing prayers.

~You will be shown Ceremony to honor the earth.

Module 7:

The Sacred Circle

In this module, we will create a life vision plan that will allow you to move through the cycle of life and remain on course.

~You will learn tools to honor your cycles of life and move through the ups and downs with ease.

~How to come back to the center of your vision, embrace change, and be equipped to rise again and again.

~Perform closing ceremony, blessing you on your journey so you may create positive impact in the world.

~The Vision Quest Journey.

~Weekly Shamanic Journeys & Meditations to clarify each step along your path to your vision.

~Weekly Affirmations & Energetic Upgrades to empower & align your Energy and Emotional field.

~Weekly Nature Wisdom Teachings and Exercises to Empower your Sense of Purpose and Connection to all things.

~(4) 30 minute 1:1 Coaching/Healing Calls over the 7 weeks.

~1 Q & A call/ week

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