Mercury Retrograde Checklist

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Mercury is the planet of Communication, respectfully considered the Messenger of the Gods. (You may want to think twice about raising up your fist and cursing out Mercury, haha 😉 No worries, I’m sure we have all felt some of the perceived setbacks or frustrations of a retrograde (or any planet’s retrograde). But, the purpose of this is so we can find a rhythm and balance when the planets are trying to reset us or shift things around so we can reorient ourselves.

Ruler of Gemini & Virgo, this energy influences conscious and unconscious communications, expressions of the day to day filtered out through our sensory awareness. 

Personally, I have learned to cultivate a love for Mercury Retrograde. It lasts only 3 weeks (not including it’s shadow phases), therefore for me, it’s a little more trackable in witnessing the pull and effects it has on our communications, travels, etc.. personal or technological. 

These periods of time when witnessed and tracked have become very informative over the years of gathering insights around how the planets affect our consciousness and that of the masses. 

Google Mercury Retrogrades for the year, put them in your calender and experience it for yourself! Or, purchase an astrological planner and get familiar with the stars everyday.

You can look to the sky when behaviorial patterns, big events (pandemics, social unrest, harmony, breakthroughs, technological, societal advancements) are trending on a personal, communal, or mass scale. 

On a personal level, you can see this “weather pattern” and ride through the wave with some preparation, advanced notice. Sometimes when going through the experience it’s just a settling confirmation to know.. “Ok, this is the energy going on right now.” And because of this there are ‘Higher influences’ involved. In knowing that there is something Higher than yourself, is an invitation to TRUST in the flow and cycles of life and the Mystery.

This has allowed me to analyze and become aware of these energetic trends allowing me to prepare for the “weather patterns” ahead. Mercury Retrograde served as a gateway “messenger” with my introduction and interest to astrology, and learning, experiencing and being a student of the Divine on a grander, more holistic scale.


What can I learn from this?

How can I respond/communicate internally and with others with emotional maturity and intelligence?

How can I be more conscious and aware?

Place your hand on your heart. If I go within and ask.. Is there a message or guidance here for me?

How can I look at this scenario and read in between the lines?

What am I missing? What do I know to be my truth?

Is a situation, person from the past, circumstance coming back around again for me to heal, respond, or witness how far I have come and evolved? 

(Keynote: If you want to see if something is more substantial wait for retrograde to end and go direct. It’s sometimes difficult to have solid roots while beginning things in a retrograde. However, it’s not always the case.)

If something is spiraling around again, don’t beat yourself up or get into a whirlwind. Ground yourself, get out into nature, get some fresh air, journal and contemplate the questions above. 


~Be mindful

~If it can wait, consider making life altering decisions before/after retrograde

~Travel with awareness

~Double check times, dates, locations, appointments, flight schedules (I missed a return flight once, because of time zone shifts!)

~Confirm appointments

~Practice effective communication, give all info required for tasks, meetings, etc. 

~Be more detail oriented. The more clear you are, the better for all involved!

~If old stories, people come back, learn from your experience, what is true for you now? Does it feel rooted and positive? Or, uprooted, unsure, emotionally draining? This speaks volumes. 

~Back up necessary computer data if necessary.

Rest, Reset, Rewind, Rejuvenate, Re-Learn



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